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Is there anything more heavenly than a summer vacation in the mountains? How about a Balenciaga and cowboy boots? Both are among the new boutiques, restaurants and events that are stirring up the luxury ski resort this season.

The big O
Omar Hernandez brings his New York nightlife spectacle to Snowmass. Activation for just one night on July 16 is the icing on the cake of the Anderson Ranch’s annual gala, for which the 55-year-old arts center is giving up its regular gig at the Jerome Hotel. The chairwoman of the board, Sue Hostetler Wrigley, will not let the participants suffer through yet another lengthy art auction. Instead, they experience the ranch in all its glory.

“A lot of the people who come to the gala have never set foot on our campus and it’s so magical to be where the art is made,” she said of the opportunity to explore the maze of studios and outdoor sculptures by Sanford Biggers to explore on the historic property. Paula Crown and the Haas Brothers with cocktails and canapés in hand. “175 guests at dinner in the tent [including honoree Simone Leigh and summer series’ guest lecturers the Guerrilla Girls] will be able to see in a shielded section that something exciting awaits them. “

The big unveiling promises a seething DJ set and top talent acts by Hernandez flown in from New York, but he doesn’t want to reveal too many surprises. With the ranch’s gala getting younger each year and awaiting the explosion of choreographed dances on social media during COVID-19, Hernandez awaits an epic, sweaty dance floor from the Roaring Twenties.

“We spend so much time on our screens and in our heads that we have to let our bodies take the lead,” he said.

Guerrilla girls

In the club
Dante and the Surf Lodge winter pop-up at Snow Lodge have done so well that they are riding their Aspen residence into next year. The collaboration was moved to the Chefs Club at the St. Regis Aspen Resort until April 2022.

“This time there is more culinary offer as we now have a wonderful kitchen to work with,” said Dante director Linden Pride, who divides his time between here and at home. “We make an exclusive menu that is clean and light.”

Guests can wash down whole Dover sole and artichoke fries with classic Italian cocktails and seasonal splashes like the rhubarb sbagliato. Live music for the aperitivo on Friday and jazz brunches on the weekend with a Dixieland band and the bailsmen from New York will start this month.

“We take advantage of the incredible weather and the outdoor environment with Italian fountains and even flower-filled interiors,” said Pride.

Burrata and halibut Aqua Pazza at Dante's.

Burrata and halibut Acqua Pazza at Dante’s.

Permanent Peri.A
Ever since the Peri.A boutique in Los Angeles appeared here two years ago, Peri Arenas has had a permanent place in its eye. She grossed 800 square feet over Big Wrap on Durant Avenue for collections like Marni, Colville, Casablanca and Peter Cohen, who is hosting a trunk show in July.

“It’s overwhelming here. Basically, as soon as I wear something, people say they love it and want to buy it, ”said Arenas.

Molly Goddard dresses and fine jewelry by Marie Lichtenberg and Eden Presley also have a moment. Arenas said the pieces hit the market this week, which they think has something to do with ArtCrush, the Aspen Art Museum’s summer gala.

“There’s an event or dinner party in this town every night,” she said, hoping all the pedestrian traffic in LA will add excitement to her new Beverly Hills location. “It opens in September.”

Peri.A in Aspen

Peri.A in Aspen.

wild West

Flooded by Texans, Aspen has upgraded its western clothing. Hailing from the cowboy country, Tecovas is known for being the premier brand of cowboy boots available to the direct end consumer, and Angels and Outlaws, a multi-brand store selling DanielxDiamond’s one-of-a-kind enchanted jackets preferred by Carrie Underwood and Gwen Stefani are opening outposts here. Taos, NM-born, family-run Overland Sheepskin Co. also unveiled its sixth Colorado store, out of a total of 17.

“We actually had an Aspen store in the 1970s, which was one of the first stores my grandparents opened,” said Vice President and Head of Buying Amber Fekete.

Decorated with a cowhide stool and a buffalo leather that hangs from a pulley system that hovers over the lofty place, the location features more high-end and unique pieces like handmade suede boots for men and the Georgia leather coat for women with coyote fur.

“It’s western flair with a lot of attitude,” she said.

Overland Sheepskin Co.

Overland Sheepskin Co.

Make copies
Like many townspeople during COVID-19, Honor Fraser and her husband Stavros Merjos went out into the great outdoors with their two sons and his eldest son from a previous marriage. While her kids were skiing in the mornings and zooming in schools in the afternoons, Fraser held winter shows by Kenny Scharf and Rosson Crow at their art gallery of the same name in Los Angeles here.

Fraser follows “Andy Warhol: By Hand”, an exhibition of current drawings by Warhol, with the tribute “Richard Pettibone: Andy Warhol, Campbell’s Soup Cans, 1990-2019” until August 28th. Pettibone emulates Warhol’s talent for controversy and cruelty to see art skeptics twist their panties. He is increasing the use of Warhol’s original 32 Campbell’s Soup Cans, which premiered in 1962 and enraged art critics and the public, prompting the eternal question, “What is art?

“Pettibone made two complete sets of 32 works, or you can buy singles and even some of Warhol’s flowers,” Merjos said of the teaser when “Andy Warhol” hits the Aspen Art Museum in November.

“Richard Pettibone: Andy Warhol, Campbell’s Soup Cans, 1990-2019” in the Honor Fraser Aspen galley.

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