NY mandates dance zones that distance themselves as weddings resume lifestyle


ALBANY, NY (AP) – New York’s new coronavirus-era dance rules aren’t exactly strict, but they don’t plan on taking off their Sunday shoes with just anyone.

The state says that when wedding receptions resume next month, guests will only be able to step onto the dance floor with members of their immediate party, household, or family seated at the same table.

Even then, according to the rules, dancers must wear face masks and stay in their own “dance areas or zones” – spaces that should be at least 3.3 square meters and at least 2 meters. next to other dance zones and tables.

There are also no switching dance zones.

Happy couples can still spin for a ceremonial first dance and other couples can join in, but they must stay all 6 feet apart.

Live musicians and other entertainers are allowed, but if exposed or playing a wind instrument they must be separated from participants by 4 meters or some suitable physical barrier.

Governor Andrew Cuomo previously announced that weddings can start again on March 15th. Venues are limited to 50% capacity, up to 150 guests, and all must be tested for coronavirus beforehand.

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