Precise Fb stakeholders in Singapore, Life-style Information


Don’t ask your mom or dad – it will take hours to answer your WA messages.

Instead, ask the good, resourceful folks at SG Hacks: Repairs, Fixes & Cool Ideas (10.8K members) who can provide wise advice on how to prevent lizards from getting into your house (Answer: Peacock Feather on a Peacock Feather Your door) fallen soles of shoes (answer: go to a cobbler) and remove feces stains on your child’s tricycle (answer: use Febreze).

If your problems in life are very specific, such as B. worm composting, there is even a FB interest group: Singapore Vermicomposting – Worm Composting (3.3,000 members).

But don’t click the link if photos and videos of crawling, writhing worms will keep you away from Bee Tai Mak forever.

Prefer ants to worms? Singapore Ants (4.1K members) is for you then. Here you will learn about different types of ants (their names are sometimes made up of 285 syllables) and how to breed and trade, yes, ants.

And no, your ant-infested bed of cookie crumbs doesn’t count as an ant farm – these experts actually build test-tube houses for their small pets.

For something a little tastier, there are FB groups dedicated to niche recipes that use a particular brand or type of device such as air fryers or Thermomix.

For the latter, Thermomix Truly Asian (73,6,000 members) will get you to buy a Thermomix that is supposed to steam sauces, caramelize, cook rice, mix, emulsify, thicken, and make Masterchef-ready.