Salon owner sells business to “worthy” employees for $ 1 | lifestyle


NEW HAVEN, Connecticut (AP) – Salon owner Pio Imperati took the chance and hired hairdresser Kathy Moura right out of technical high school 15 years ago. It worked so well that Imperati sold their venerable New Haven, Connecticut store for $ 1.

“She’s a good hairdresser, a good hairdresser, she’s very nice,” Imperati told the New Haven Register about the sale of Pio of Italy Hair Studio. “I sold it to her for $ 1 to keep us friends.”

While Moura Imperati will pay rent, she avoids a fee, which can be tens of thousands of dollars, to buy a salon for the equipment, supplies, and clientele.

Imperati, 79, now works there as a freelance contractor.

“Eventually, my dream came true to hand over the salon to someone worth it,” he said.

According to the newspaper, Imperati has been in business in various locations and in various forms for about 56 years, starting with a hair salon in 1965.

Moura, 32, remembered that “nobody wanted to hire me because I had no experience” when she finished school. She called a teacher for help and got Imperati’s phone number. He and his wife tried them and ended up hiring them.

“We grew like a family. … That’s how he treats everyone who walks into the salon, ”Moura said of Imperati. “Everyone who works here wants you to blossom and become something of yourself.”

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