Scarboro-Oak Ridge 85 was honored at events this week


The 85 students who incorporated Oak Ridge Schools in 1955 will be honored in events this week.

The “Rooted in the Community” reunion events were organized by the Scarboro Community Alumni Association. They take place from Thursday, September 2nd to Sunday, September 5th.

“The event honors the Scarboro-Oak Ridge TN 85 students who have integrated the schools as well as the Scarboro teachers,” said John Spratling in a recent interview. Spratling is the vice president of the organization and the Scarboro Endowment Fund, which was created to honor the teachers and students by supporting enriching programs like ACT prep tests, leadership training, scholarships and youth welfare projects, according to a press release.

“In 1955, 85 brave young African American students from the Scarboro community were asked to be the first to attend all-white Robertsville Junior and Oak Ridge High School in Oak Ridge, Tennessee,” the press release said. “The reunion honors the 85 students and teachers at Scarboro School who provided them with inspiration and tools to prepare them for this new journey.”

Spratling said the theme of the event shows that the Oak Ridge community is one of the earliest advocates of “recognizing our roots that open up opportunities today.”

On Thursday evening, Archie Lee was the keynote speaker at the Scholarship Awards Banquet at the Scarboro Community Center, honoring the 2020 Scholarship Recipients and the Scarboro, Oak Ridge TN 85. Lee was the first African American student to be accepted into the Oak Ridge High School National Honor Society and worked at the Oak Ridge Research Institute, now Oak Ridge Associated Universities, the news release said.

“I’ve always had technology in my head since fourth grade,” Lee said in a recent interview. He worked as an intern at the Oak Ridge Institute for Nuclear Science and as a technician for Oak Ridge Technical Enterprise Corporation (CORTEC), the press release said. In 1963 he took a position at the Solid State Radiation Corporation in California, where he developed nuclear radiation detectors in 1963. He was later employed by a research company called Korad Corporation, where he worked in the semiconductor division developing lasers in GaAs (gallium arsenide). He should share his extensive research on Thursday and encourage the community, and students in particular, to achieve new goals and new horizons by believing in themselves, the press release said. Archie’s first-hand testimony on civil rights issues, past and present, is not only available during the 65th

The 2021 Fellows were selected for their essay submissions on “Why the Scarboro, Oak Ridge TN 85 Should Be Honored,” and for contributions to the community and their plans to advance their educational endeavors, and Maya Lewis, Bridgett Slater, Faythe Summers, and Jaylen Heyward were also recognized. $ 1,000 scholarships were recently awarded at a ceremony, the press release said.

Here are the community events in honor of Scarboro Oak Ridge-TN 85:

  • Thursday, September 2, at 6 p.m., Scholarship Awards Banquet in honor of Scarboro-Oak Ridge TN 85 at Scarboro Community Center, 148 Carver Avenue, Oak Ridge, with Speaker Archie Lee, the first African-American member of Oak Ridge High School National Honor Society.
  • Friday, September 3 at 9:45 am in the West Gallery of the Oak Ridge History Museum, 102 Robertsville Road, Oak Ridge, graduation exhibition in honor of the 65th anniversary of Oak Ridge 85. The theme of the exhibition is: “Black and White “Communities work together to help America.”
  • Friday, September 3, at 7 p.m. Clinton v Oak Ridge High School football game. Halftime appreciation during the game honoring the Scarboro-Oak Ridge 85 and the Clinton 12. Location: Clinton High School Stadium, 120 Gilliam Street, Clinton.
  • Saturday, September 4th, 9:00 am, Unity Parade featuring Oak Ridge and local bands, organizations, city and county governments, and schools. Lineup at 8:30 am The parade begins at 9:00 am at Gray Strand Baseball Field on Wilberforce Avenue. The parade starts at Benedict and ends on Carver Avenue. Featured bands include Pearl Cohn High School, Nashville, Tennessee, and the Austin East High School Band and Knoxville Football Team.
  • Saturday, September 4, 10 am-5pm Fun Day Festival Event, Scarboro Community Center, 148 Carver Avenue, Oak Ridge. Grocery and other clothing vendors, fun teen activities, band challenges, gospel class, old school class, school supplies and freebies for teenagers, and more.
  • Saturday, September 4, 8 p.m. Black and Gold Ball, YWCA, 1660 Oak Ridge Turnpike, Oak Ridge. Classy Red Carpet Treatment Event in Honor of Scarboro, Oak Ridge TN 85. Food, Music and Door Awards.
  • Sunday, September 5, 2021 – The Scarboro, Oak Ridge TN 85 with worship and sharing experiences in various churches in the Scarboro Congregation.

All events are accessed by completing a $ 70 weekend registration pass and mailing it to SCAA PO Box 147, 1143 Oak Ridge Turnpike, Suite 107-A, Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37831, or by contacting a SCAA Executive Member. Make money orders or cashier’s checks payable to SCAA. The cost of the activities does not include the soccer game on Friday, September 3rd, 7pm.

For more information, contact Rose Weaver, SCAA Secretary at (865) 924-2987.

Accommodation is available at discounted rates at the Holiday Inn Express, Staybridge and Doubletree Hotels.

The Oak Ridge 85, along with the Clinton 12, was also honored by Tennessee Governor Bill Lee at the Scarboro Community Center on Tuesday afternoon.

The Scarboro Community Alumni Association was founded in the fall of 2011. Her goal is to revitalize the community, instill community pride, and mentor the youth in the neighborhood. The alumni association consists of current and former residents of the neighborhood who have a desire to make a difference in the community while helping children in the neighborhood reach their full potential. The scholarship from the Scarboro Community Alumni Association (SCAA) serves to promote young talent in the Scarboro community, according to the press release. Tina Henderson-Porter is the president. The other members of the Executive Committee are Deborah Booker, John Spratling, Kwayu Graham and Rose Weaver

More information will be added as it becomes available.

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