Sports desk: APS athletes stay outside and look in


ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – The New Mexico Activities Association released high school soccer plans on Wednesday. While it was welcome news to many, APS student-athletes remain on the outside.

The APS Schools Board chose not to participate in a hybrid learning model, which is a prerequisite for returning to competition and extracurricular activities. The APS school board decided to stick with online learning.

APS athletes protest against school board’s decision to continue online learning

The state hopes APS will reconsider getting students back to competition and the activities they love. “I am confident that APS and the Albuquerque School Board of Directors will adopt and support this,” said Michelle Lujan Grisham, governor of New Mexico. “We believe this is as safe today as it can be.”

The soccer teams in the APS school district hope that a solution will be found soon as time is running out. Even if a solution is found, teams would have to practice in small groups for another two weeks and an additional week in pads to be eligible. “If this rule stays in place, we will get by with one game until the end of March, even if we are okay to start training,” said Brandon Back, La Cueva head coach. “Well, that would probably be even more unfortunate than taking away the whole season.”

In other sports news, New Mexico state football has another week to prepare for Dixie state. The two programs will meet on March 7th at the Sun Bowl in El Paso. Despite last week’s one-sided defeat to Tarleton State, Aggie’s head football coach Doug Martin remains optimistic about his side this fall.

“There are enough bright spots out there that we are excited to see what is in store for us. Because you know what you don’t see and I see in practice, it’s the boys who will be transferred and play in the middle of the year, ”said Martin. “We have enough talent here to be in a bowl game and be a good team next year.”

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Rio Rancho Baseball is excited to play again after losing a full season to COVID-19 last spring. “Our main priority is to get out in the field and have fun for the kids. That’s our top priority: just get out of here and have fun, ”said Rams head coach Ron Murphy. “It will be a successful year, no matter what the record.” The season starts on April 10th.

The Mountain West women’s pre-season soccer poll has ended. Boise State is preferred to win the league. The Lobos are expected to take third place. “We have a lot of players who know how to win games,” said Lobos head coach Heather Dyche. “We have a lot of players who feel like we’re on the brink of the edge every year and we’re not getting quite where we want to be. So I think when you combine a chip on your shoulder with experience it can lead to you finding ways to win. “The Lobos will be playing a 10 game schedule, all in the mountains west. The Lobos will host five games. The season begins for the Lobos on March 5th in the US state of Colorado.