Sports news | Bajrang says, “I’m fine” after injuring his knee; Assess the extent of damage after 48 hours


New Delhi, June 26 (PTI) Olympic wrestler Bajrang Punia assured Saturday that he has not sustained any major injuries, but the extent of the damage to his right knee will not be known until Monday as the inflammation has lasted for at least 48 hours ease up.

Bajrang injured his right knee in the semifinals of the Russian tournament on Friday evening – Ali Aliyev against Abulmazhid Kudiev, the U23 silver medalist in Europe.

Kudiev grabbed Bajrang’s right leg and pulled him abruptly in the first third of the fight. The impact affected Bajrang’s right knee and the limping claw instantly lost the fight.

“I’m fine. It happens in sports (injuries),” Kaspiysk’s Bajrang PTI said in a brief message when asked if it was a serious injury.

While Bajrang did not elaborate on his injury, sources close to the elite wrestler said that it is a good sign that he can walk unaided, but it will take at least two days to properly assess him.

“There’s an injury. It’s too early to say anything now. We’ll watch it for the next 48 hours and see how it goes. Too early to name structures. Let the inflammation subside a bit,” said the source.

When asked specifically if it could be a torn ligament, the source said that only scans can confirm this, but they are not taking any chances by initiating this procedure.

“Scans aren’t done right away. We generally don’t test the structure even before 48 hours. If there’s a crack and we try to test it, we can do more damage. So we’ll wait and watch for a while.” the source added.

Experienced sports physiotherapist Anand Dubey from Delhi, who travels with the national tennis teams – Davis Cup and Bille Jean King Cup – explains why it was important to wait with the scans.

“Wrestlers usually suffer from sprains. If so, he’ll be fine in a day or two by applying ice packs regularly. If a ligament is injured, it takes some time for the swelling to show up, 24 to 36 hours Injury, it appears immediately.

“I saw the video of his fight. It looks like a minor injury, no need to worry. It was a good decision by Bajrang to give up the fight to avoid a major injury,” he added.

Bajrang, one of India’s top medal contenders, has been training in Russia since last month.

He skipped the Poland Open, the final pre-Olympic leaderboard event, to compete with the world’s best wrestlers now training in Russia ahead of the Tokyo Games.

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