Spot of T: What’s just around the corner? (Column) | lifestyle


Have you ever taken a corner a little too quickly? Sometimes this has catastrophic consequences. My work place has many corners, many long hallways that lead to … more hallways! There are turnstiles where multiple hallways come together, and there are curves that lead to a variety of destinations. In some areas, rounded mirrors are built into the ceiling so you can literally see what’s coming around the corner. There are few problems in these areas.

However, this is not always the case at every intersection. There are many times I have encountered near misses because I did not approach slowly and look in both directions. I’ve since learned to look before I jump. I no longer just plow through, whether I’m walking or driving. This could be disastrous. Throwing caution to the wind isn’t a wise approach – and in fact, it’s downright dangerous these days.

Our life is full of corners, twists and turns and paths that have not yet been trodden. Just when you think your life is a direct shot, you know exactly where you are going and what you are doing, then a corner appears and you have to face it.

In 2020, we all had the same massive corner that appeared to appear out of nowhere. We were stopped on our tracks and told not even to try to peek around this deadly corner. But now that the advances have been made and the vaccines have been given, we are cautiously approaching a corner of hope. Although there are many ways to approach the unknown of a corner, intelligence is still the best plan. We can now slowly emerge from the trials of our COVID era with some optimism.

As we approach the unknown, it pays to be careful and patient because we never know what to expect. We’ll likely slow down, maybe even stop, and look around that corner to make sure the coastline is clear. But then we start again and regain our momentum. Sometimes what’s around the corner is something amazing, something hopeful, something liberating. We keep our hope in what’s around this corner.

So what’s gonna be around your corner I would certainly love to enjoy the company of my extended family and the freedom to feel safe when I go out socially again.

I don’t know about you, but I have a year full of birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions to make up for! COVID may have postponed these things, but you can’t steal them! Because soon we will be driving around this corner to the finish line of this terrible pandemic. Soon it will be behind us, and although we will pay plenty of attention and be careful, we will see the coveted normalcy we left behind a year ago.

So take courage. Good things can be just around the corner if we follow the safety guidelines. Take the time to congratulate yourself on a very difficult year. Once it’s safe, celebrate your toughness and perseverance. It wasn’t an easy task, but you’ll be around the corner soon. And we hope and pray that the coast will be clear.