The best small towns for a fall vacation | lifestyle


With autumn just around the corner, now is the perfect time to plan an autumn getaway. Fall is a great time to go on vacation, with smaller crowds at the airports and on the streets.

Lately, traveling to small towns has become increasingly popular. For some travelers it is the pleasant feeling of nostalgia; for others, it is simply the convenience of meeting fewer tourists.

Here are some great little towns to explore.

1. Cashier, North Carolina

A quiet village with less than 2,000 inhabitants, mild weather, hiking trails, waterfalls, boating, golf, and outdoor activities.

2. Cape May, New Jersey

Historic Victorian Seaside Town, Beach town with promenade for strolling or cycling

3. Bardstown, Kentucky

Kentucky’s second oldest city, Home of the year Kentucky Bourbon Festival

4. Cambria, California

Historic coastal city halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles. You can enjoy it Beach walks, art galleries, boutiques, and vintage buildings

5. Manchester, Vermont

An absolute fall destination with fall foliage that is most beautiful in mid-October. P.Perfect for walking the green trails looking for waterfalls and breathtaking views. Restaurants, shops, boutique hotels, inns and historic buildings attract visitors to the city center

6. Gretna, Louisiana

Across the river from New Orleans. Autumn is full of festivals and special events that commemorate the harvest season with music, dance, food and local culture.

7. Torrey, Utah

6,800 feet above sea level, the tree-lined city sees cool weather in the fall. Hiking, biking and the casual, welcoming atmosphere of the small town are the main attractions.

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