The event industry is asking authorities after the dance festival was canceled


Entertainment and hospitality operators have reached out to Victoria health officials saying that inconsistent rules continue to devastate the state’s once thriving events industry.

On Friday, the state government pulled the plug on the dance music event Paradigm Festival and stranded thousands of night owls, and let several international DJs out of their pockets without a gig or organizer.

Victorian COVID-19 response commander Jeroen Weimar.Recognition:Jason South

At a media conference on Saturday, Victorian COVID-19 response commander Jeroen Weimar was asked how Super Netball could have up to 5000 fans at the John Cain Arena this weekend, but up to 4000 dance music fans were banned from participating in the festival.

“If there are interstate outbreaks everywhere to have a great musical activity with, as I understand it, a good number of people in a very small space for many hours, I consider that to be appropriate.” [to stop it] for this particular time, given the broader restrictions we’re still working with, ā€¯Weimar said.


The Paradigm Festival was to take place in a converted warehouse and row of large tents in Port Melbourne with three times as many COVID-19 marshals. Any user would have been given a bluetooth device to track their movements.

Mr Weimar pointed out that the length of a music festival compared to a sporting event was a factor that the authorities considered, although he added that he was not aware of the specifics of this case.

“I understand it’s frustrating,” he said. “I understand that when people work so hard putting these things together that they find that they cannot do them at some point, they will be disappointed.”

Paradigm’s last-minute cancellation blinded organizers, who insisted on adhering to the state’s strict health guidelines, including a ban on dancing and the requirement that every guest stay seated.