The North Cache Ranch Rodeo offers hands-on ranch competition events |


“Harold and Joan Trask lived in Pink Mountain. They were some of the first settlers or ranchers in the area. They have spent their entire lives raising and farming with the family, and I think his son took it over, ”explained rodeo organizer Joy Thiessen.

Thiessen says each rodeo recognizes a different historical figure who influenced the ranch community in peacetime.

“At our first rodeo last year, we did it in honor of John and Frank Thiessen. They were my grandpa and his twin brother. They were some of the first settlers in the area with the ranch community. “

With Trask’s grandchildren starting this summer, this is a great way to recognize the people who paved the way for ranchers today, says Thiessen.

What makes this rodeo unique are the events the teams attend.

“All events are what we would use every day on the ranch. Our aim was to control cows in the pasture. Viewers may not like it that much because rodeos are fast and exciting, but it’s more practical what each of us as ranchers would do every day. “

Events such as cutting, branding, penning, team doctoring, trailer loading, stray gathering, and pairing provide a demonstration of practical, usable ranch skills. And at kids events like calf roping and calf scramble, you can smile quickly, says Thiessen.

“The calf race is like any rodeo in which two or three calves are tied with ribbons and the children run after them. The one that everyone loves is the calf ropes. Every child gets a rope, there are six calves out there and the first two to be looped over a calf are winners. “

Thiessen says it has a great view and the kids love it too.

Children prepared for veal scramble. (Joy Thiessen Photography)

“Last year was great fun because you could only see ropes flying and children running around.”

With belt buckles for first place in every team event, as well as buckles for open broncs and novice broncs, there are many incentives to compete.

Thiessen says that this event would not be possible without the support of the community.

“Everyone just lends a hand. It’s really nice to see a community come together to make something like this happen. “

The North Cache Ranch Rodeo – in memory of Harold Trask – begins on August 28 at 10 a.m. at the Thiessen Bros. Ranch, Mile 81 Alaska Highway.

Entry to the gate is $ 5 per person or $ 20 per family. There will be a food truck on site and camping is possible.

For more information, contact Joy Thiessen at 250-261-5928.