The UK-based event business is celebrating its 20th anniversary with the expansion into the USA


Cambridgeshire-based events company QAV is celebrating its 20th anniversary by continuing its expansion by opening a North American office in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

Since its inception in 2001, QAV has hosted live and virtual events around the world. The expansion of activities in North America follows the opening of a European office in Valencia, Spain, in March 2019. QAV continues to offer services in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) and Latin America (LATAM) regions.

Ed Noble, Event Director of QAV-Global, said: “We are very excited to celebrate 20 years of QAV with the opening of a new office in North America and look forward to reinforcing some of the existing US customer relationships and making new contacts. Market where our know-how can offer a new perspective on creative events.

“Technology has changed tremendously in the last two decades and this has had a massive impact on the way events are run. Our customers’ needs have changed as the way the audience lives and works has evolved too.

“It is a myth to believe that there has ever been a time of certainty in our industry and that our agility has always been part of our strength. We provided online digital solutions for events before Covid-19 accelerated the current online trend, and although the past year has presented us with unforeseen challenges, we also took advantage of the opportunities that presented themselves.

“Under normal circumstances, we would have organized our 20 year old party to celebrate this momentous occasion, but when is anything normal? Like our customers, we look forward to getting back together to celebrate and offer a moment of reflection on the past 20 years, but also with anticipation and excitement about what the next 20 years could bring. “