The year of the digital lifestyle – news


The Digital 2021 report “We Are Social” provides an overview of the global efforts in the digital field in 2020.

A year has passed since Covid-19 struck. There is no doubt that it has been a difficult journey, but things are changing and the difficulties seem to be coming to an end. We currently have a new success story to share with the world.

The Digital 2021 report “We Are Social” provides an overview of the global efforts in the digital field in 2020. As the report is more than 100 pages long, I will publish excerpts that show that the past year was the year of the “digital Lifestyle ”was the UAE.

The percentage of internet users in the UAE reached 99 percent of the population and almost the same number used social media channels. The average time people spent online was around 7.5 hours a day, more than half of it on smartphones.

The people of the UAE spent nearly $ 6 billion on digital trading platforms. an increase of 38 percent compared to the previous year. In some areas, such as grocery shipping and online content, spend increased by more than 65 percent. Smart device applications spend exceeded $ 320 million. There are also surprising numbers in the smart home sector.

This digital activity and heavy pressure on the networks has been accompanied by a 104 percent increase in Internet speeds, according to the report.

These numbers add to the UAE’s achievements in related indicators as they rank first in the world for cellular broadband subscriptions, cellular network coverage by population, broadband cellular network index, public-private partnership index, along with other regional indicators.

A few days ago we were pleased with the news that the media was circulating about the advanced position the UAE has achieved in the telework index. We have surpassed advanced countries such as the United States of America, Italy, Japan, Hong Kong, Ireland, Russia and China. In addition, UK-based technology solutions and service provider CircleLoop put us first in the Arab world.

This was not the first pandemic, and it will certainly not be the last. The bottom line is that we need to learn lessons and improve our preparedness for the future. Those who work towards it will have more and more success stories.