This entrepreneurial couple founded a lifestyle and sexual wellness startup in the midst of COVID-19


When it comes to talking about sexual health, all Indian households share a common experience – Clumsiness.

However, in times of change, society tries to have more healthy conversations after realizing that speaking muffled about sex-related topics does more harm than good.

The entrepreneurial couple Sahil and Anushka Gupta say that most teenagers in India – as they begin to explore their sexuality – learn about sex from their friends and pornography rather than turning to trusted adults.

And the couple believe it is high time to change that.

In September 2020, the duo took the entrepreneurial leap and founded My muse– a Sexual wellness startup based in Mumbai – which aims at the Conversation and experience around sexual intimacy by offering high quality sexual wellness products.

According to India Uncovered: Insightful Analysis of Sex Products’ Trends in India – a report by – demand for sexual wellness products rose 65 percent during the pandemic last year.

With a team of five full-time employees and several freelancers and interns, MyMuse is now looking for talent.

Navigating the Indian Sexual Wellness Market

An MBA graduate from Harvard Business School, Sahil saw the opportunity in India’s burgeoning sexual wellness industry. He teamed up with his wife Anushka, who graduated from Tufts University, with a focus on psychology and entrepreneurship.

While the original idea was to launch a content-based platform and build wide reach, several months of research showed that the real pain lies in using advanced sexual wellness and pleasure products.

“There are many strong and good players in the content area, and on the other hand, there is a whole D2C revolution going on in India,” says the duo.

In a country like India – which still has a largely conservative mindset – MyMuse appears to have improved its position in the market due to people who have recently been warming up to sexual wellness products.

The brand positions itself as a provider of “bedroom essentials”. It has also received a lot of love, acceptance and positive feedback from the Indian market.

“To be honest, this was a conscious choice using words like the bare bones for the bedroom. Talking about intimacy rather than just thinking about the sexual experience was very productive. We also didn’t want to pigeonhole ourselves with the idea of ​​selling sex, ”explains Sahil.

The startup offers products like Lubricants, vibrators, candles and themed t-shirts at a price between Rs 899 and Rs 8,800. In addition to its website, it also sells its products through selected retail partners, including LeMill in Mumbai and Kosa Wellbeing in Pune. It is currently expanding its sales channel.

Anushka says that sexual wellness products must be as much a part of your self-care and wellness routine as your skin care routine.

“The purpose is to make the brand accessible and not intimidating. We really felt like we were helping people understand this as part of overall wellbeing is more engaging and welcoming, ”she adds.

The co-founders say India has many cultural sensitivities and the brand’s goal is not to offend anyone but simply to create a great alternative for people who are looking for it.

Despite the positive rise of players in the sexual wellness market, the entrepreneurs believe MyMuse pioneered the gender-neutral and lifestyle-oriented approach to sexual wellbeing.

“We don’t see other brands as competitors, but rather as colleagues helping to grow and change the way sex is perceived in India. Social media and the Creator Revolution continue to fuel new conversations and reduce stigma, ”adds Anushka.

The duo believe there are enough opportunities to enter the sexual wellness market.

Along the road

As a Direct-to-Consumer Brand (D2C)Marking brand presence and awareness are some of the key challenges. Nonetheless, MyMuse was able to build a community through word of mouth.

Regarding the future plans, Sahil says: “We are still at the beginning of our journey and want to continue to work for really good design, we have an ear for customer needs and wishes, but we don’t feel the pressure to act quickly. ”

Aside from the ups and downs that are essential to being an entrepreneur, the duo say it keeps them going when they get feedback on how their products started or changed the entertainment at home.

MyMuse has so far been booted and is now looking for funds to grow the brand. It also hopes for more collaborations in the creative and startup ecosystem.

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