Tote Mixer Agitator

Tote Mixer Agitator


Tote Mixer is a world-renowned manufacturer of compact mixers, expander and tote expander as well as other liquid handling equipment. BASCO is a world leading manufacturer of industrial mixing equipment such as IBC expander, liquid handling systems, tote mixer pressure gauge mixers, centrifuges, dual action mixers, etc. IBC is a pioneer in the production of re-filling mixing mixers that are used in diverse industries including automotive, pharmaceuticals and electronic, chemical, rubber, paper foodservice, health care chemical processing, pulpmills, coal processing aluminum, steel and textile. They are a major provider of re-filling equipment that meets international quality standards. BASCO is an international company that is committed to providing the best quality equipment for the manufacturing industry.

Tote Mixer Agitator

With Tote Mixer With Tote Mixer, you’re always ready to translate your new ideas into reality. The products are designed in such a way so that you can carry them to the next level of performance. Tote Mixer helps you find the ideal solution for mixing needs whether you need to mix liquid or dry materials. Additionally to a steady supply of top quality Tote Mixer and other IBC mixers will allow you to expand your business by expanding your product range, while decreasing your overall expenses.

If you think that the task of handling liquids is a costly one You are completely wrong. The problem gets worse when the quality of your products is being questioned. You should look for ways to save money by buying the top tote mixer available on the market. These innovative tools make it simple to complete the entire air mixing process. Tote Mixer is a must-have for liquid handling professionals.

Tote Mixer has a variety of models that can meet various needs and requirements. At present, there are a variety of models in the market , such as stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, and many other variations. The stainless steel lid mixer was designed with utmost perfection. Its body is constructed of high grade stainless steel material. The stainless steel material assists in preventing rusting and corrosion of the product, which in turn will result in a reduction in operating costs.

This stainless steel tote mixing machine comes with the additional feature of non-stick interior which makes it a popular option for catering to a variety of customers. There are also some models which come with separate conveyor belts that can mix different types of liquids. Some conveyors let users blend solids and liquids separately. This feature is unique and allows you to mix different quantities of liquids.

Aluminum Tote Mixer can easily meet the various needs of customers. It is efficient and cost-effective. The body is made of aluminum that is lightweight which makes it easy to carry. To transport compacted solid materials it is possible to use the bag that is insulated. There are a variety of other models available that include the Tote Agitator which comes with the ability to release air automatically and the Tote Roll Mixer which has the unique function of storing stacked or rolled paper towels.