Tree Roots Can Also Cause Uneven Concrete Slabs


Uneven concrete slabs can cause serious issues in your home. Cracked concrete, misaligned decks and garage floors, as well as cracked steps could all result from it. It can also reduce the home’s value. Not only is this an issue, but it could be a risk as well.

When the concrete slab is sinking and settling, it can cause water to leak into the basement or other spaces. If the slab is tapped, it can create the sound of a hollow. Concrete leveling can help fix these issues and help keep the slab level.

A concrete slab can settle naturally over time, and especially in clay-rich soil. The soil’s clay absorbs moisture and expands when saturated. In some cases, this can lead to gaps under the slab, which can create issues that are immediate and dangerous. Some experts suggest stopping water from draining directly to the slab.

Tree roots are known for expanding the soil around them, which causes the concrete to shift. If the soil surrounding the concrete is loose it may wash away and expose the void under the slab.

There are several methods to repair sunken or uneven concrete, such as mudjacking, poly leveling, and foam jacking. Each of these methods involves drilling holes into the concrete and filling them up with an appropriate compound suitable for the soil.

Mudjacking involves injecting a mix of cement, sand and water into the spaces. The slurry gets to the concrete’s surface and lifts it. It is not a long-lasting solution and could create further problems in the future.

Poly leveling is, on the other hand, is a more permanent solution. This method injects a synthetic, waterproof material into the empty space. While it takes a few days for the process to finish it isn’t invasive and doesn’t require any significant downtime. It doesn’t require any heavy machinery, unlike mudjacking.

It can be expensive to repair concrete that is sinking. It is generally recommended to hire concrete leveling experts do the task. These companies can assist in restoring your concrete slab back to its original position and lower the cost of a total replacement. They also offer a wide variety of solutions available to choose from.

Self-leveling concrete can aid in solving an uneven Sidewalk Repair. This is a great choice if you have a basement, or any large area with an uneven flooring. Besides the benefits of reducing costs, this is a quick and easy way to have a concrete floor or other surface leveled.

Self-leveling has another advantage: it can be used on a variety of surfaces such as tile, brick and plywood. You can also modify the appearance of the overlay by using decorative overlays, concrete staining or other concrete finishes.


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