TV One unveils Programming Slate At Upfront in 2021 with culture and lifestyle titles


TV One revealed its schedule of new and recurring series and specials at its pre-launch on Thursday. The presentation, led by TV One and Cleo TV President Michelle Rice and other executives, revealed that Cleo Speaks, Jazz Smollett and Jake Smollett’s Living by Design, Just Eats with Chef JJ and Jernard Wells’ New Soul Kitchen will return this year .

Thursday’s presentation also revealed a number of new, unwritten titles that focus on the black community and topics relevant to TV One viewers, from activism to motherhood to relationships. Caring for body and soul, Sins of the City, Culture Kitchen and A Taste of The Diaspora are among the new series that will debut on TV One this year. TV One also announced that its Urban One Honors will return this May to celebrate pioneering black women for their professional achievements and contributions to their community and more.

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Below is TV One’s full schedule of new and returning shows, followed by Cleo TV titles.

Care for body and soul (WT)

Minding Your Body and Soul is a new hour-long series that shows how people emerge from the shadows of unhealthy habits and unhappy lives. Famed actress AJ Johnson swings the door open for those who dare to change course and embark on a healthy journey of life. Working with experts in mind, body and soul, AJ guides clients to become the best version of themselves.

Represent our voice

A virtual town hall series designed to address various social, economic, educational and political issues affecting today’s black community. Represent Our Voice helps shed light on these issues and provides a platform for indispensable conversations about the inequalities that have affected people with color for decades. CNN Political Commentator Karen Finney will moderate the interviews with respected experts and thought leaders who will address various obstacles and provide viewers with valuable insights that will lead the way for the black community.

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Urban One Honors

Urban One Honors recognizes prominent individuals and organizations who have made exceptional advances in innovative programs, education, social activism, community service, and more. The prestigious 2021 event welcomes six black women who have campaigned for positive social change. Your work and contributions are wide-ranging and recognized. This year a recipient will be honored for her work in investigative journalism. another provides direct and immediate support to those most in need in their community; A fearless leader who has reached new heights in the corporate world is highlighted. Thanks go to an awardee who has been on the front lines in the fight against COVID-19. Combating voter suppression was a monumental endeavor successfully carried out by an awardee. The tireless work to end systemic racism continues – one victory after the other – for our final winner.

Sins of the city

Sins of the City is a new original series that combines informative takeaways and investigative storytelling to uncover the dark underbelly of popular cities you thought you knew. Viewers will be followed as investigators work to resolve high-stakes cases to gain exclusive access to the criminal investigation process through narratives, interviews and archival footage.

Coins forever

The third and final episode after the hit TV hits Coins for Christmas and Coins for Love tells the story of a single mother who focuses on her family and career. Trapped between starting a new job, making ends meet, and raising two teenagers on her own, superwoman Madison now has to protect her heart from the man she divorced and the returning business customer, hers Next chance for true love could be to be burned.

The full schedule of upcoming Cleo TV programs is as follows:

The Cleo Chronicles

A fun, new, sleek, magazine-sized series that features today’s hottest influencers at their best. Each 30-minute episode highlights how real women (who happen to be social media favorites) navigate the many facets of life (beauty, fitness, finance, dating, etc.) in virtual space and the real world. From self-care to homeschooling to remote work, these genius pioneers show the audience the multitude of talents as they juggle many roles every day and get them all done.

Culture cuisine

With an infectious personality and Afro-Latin American flair, Bren Herera delights with her bright, tasty recipes and stories from her trips abroad in Culture Kitchen.

A foretaste of the diaspora

Chef Essie Bartels is a living entrepreneur and shares her love for food and people on A Taste of Diaspora. Essie’s gives viewers a taste of dishes brimming with taste and passion.

Only eats with Chef JJ

Chef JJ, one of the most sought-after stars in the culinary world, invites you to his kitchen for a third season to enjoy his delicious dishes. With exhilarating global cuisine, unique cocktails and engaging conversation, the new season will feature more of Chef JJ as he heats up the heat with friendly cook-offs for viewers to enjoy.

New soul kitchen

New Soul Kitchen returns with hearty dishes and healthy alternatives to Mediterranean cuisine. Culinary superstar, cookbook author and family man Jernard Wells continues to serve up exciting new recipes and tasty tips for eating better and mixing flavourful preparations in the kitchen.

Living by design

Living By Design shows simple solutions to everyday challenges and design and makes dreams come true with all-star design teams. The infamous brother-sister duo Jake and Jazz Smollett continue to transform work and play spaces to inspire young women and connect with audiences through delicious dishes. Whether it’s a young mom redecorating a nursery on a tight budget or a wild young woman who got her dream job and needs to spice up her home office, Living By Design will help you turn your homes into one Transform your home.

Cleo speaks

An honest series that provides dynamic women with a platform to share their unique experiences and perspectives on issues that Millennial and Gen X women in color face today. Inspirational and ambitious speakers speak on a wide variety of topics including motherhood, fashion, relationships, wellness, politics, art, social justice, economics, and more. An insightful story of personal and emotional journeys that shaped the careers and influenced the success of today’s modern leaders – these dynamic women share their hopes, dreams and struggles.

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