Water Slides Buying Guide: Important To Consider Before Buy.

Water Slides Buying Guide: Important To Consider Before Buy.

If you have children, then you know that children want to play a lot. If you have enough space in your garden, you can choose to buy some playground equipment so that the children can keep themselves busy for a long time. A slide is an excellent device to start with. But what should you pay attention to when buying a slide? You can choose from different types of slides, and you must, of course, have enough space. The material of which the slide is made and the price are also important. Inflatable Party Magic offers the best selection and more importantly the safest Water Slide Rentals and water fun units.

Water Slides Buying Guide: Important To Consider Before Buy.

1.  Types of slides:

We generally distinguish two types of slides: the inflatable slides and the fixed slides. After that, you can still classify them in use. Do you want to use them independently, or is it instead as accessories for a swimming pool?

If you have enough space, it is better to choose a fixed slide made of sturdy material. This way, the children can play on it whenever they want, and you don’t have to set it up first. You can buy a slide separately, but usually, they are supplied in combination with several playground equipment such as a swing and a tower. It will provide more fun to play but will, of course, also take up much more space in the garden.

The second option is an inflatable slide that you can easily set up and take down when you no longer use it. For example, in the summer, you can inflate and set up the slide for the children, and when it gets too cold, you let the air out and store the slide.

The disadvantage is that these slides are fragile and can break quickly. It is certainly not a recommendation to play on it with sharp objects. Finally, you can buy a slide, especially for a fixed or inflatable swimming pool.

2.  Do you have enough space?

In the first place, you need enough space to set up a slide. Fortunately, slides come in all shapes and sizes, so if you only have a small yard, you can indeed find a small slide that will fit.

Also, keep in mind that you will need extra space if you want to buy additional playground equipment. It is, therefore, better to know the dimensions of your garden well so that you know how many devices you can place at most.

You can, of course, also place a slide on a terrace. If you have a roof terrace, you can always put a small slide there so that your children can also play in the summer.

3.  Material of the slide

A fixed slide is usually made of wood or hard plastic. The wooden construction has a slide made of metal and is usually more expensive than the plastic model. They are firmer, and you also have less maintenance. Make sure that the wood is impregnated so that it is also durable and resistant to weather changes.

A plastic slide is usually less sturdy and can break or discolor more quickly. They are cheaper than the wooden models, but you may have to buy a new slide sooner.

The inflatable slide is, of course, made of plastic and is fragile because, in contact with sharp objects, there can quickly be a hole in the slide. There are special patches that you can stick over it so that the gap is closed, but it is still better to keep all sharp objects away from the slide.

4.  Accessories and extras

The ground anchors of a slide are very important. With these ground anchors, you attach the slide to the surface. This way, the slide cannot move if your child moves too much while playing.

If you have enough space under the slide, you can place a slide tent underneath. This way, you make optimal use of this space, and the children can use it as a play tent.

You can also buy safety mats that you place at the end of the slide. In this way, the fall of your child is cushioned, and you avoid accidents. To get to the top of the slide, the children must, of course, climb stairs or a ladder. It is better that handles are mounted next to these steps or ladder so that the children can hold on and do not fall.

5.  Price of a slide

The price will differ depending on the material of the slide. A wooden slide is more expensive than the others, but you will get better quality in return. Draw up a budget and take the dimensions of your garden so that you can compare different types of slides afterward. You can find many great offers on the internet, and because of the large selection, there is certainly an ideal slide for you.