Why You Need A Title IX Lawyer


A skilled attorney with experience in school discipline procedures can assist you in defending your rights when you are accused of violating Title IX. Title IX Lawyer New Orleans can assist you to appeal any possible penalties that may have been imposed as a consequence of the investigation.

You are entitled to represent yourself in an investigation

Title IX gives you the right to have an attorney represent you throughout the process of investigation or hearing. This includes the right to talk with a lawyer, provide witnesses, evidence and have an advocate present at meetings with the suspect or school officials.

There are many complexities to the Title IX investigation, especially when you aren’t an experienced student at college and don’t know what to expect. Having an attorney who is knowledgeable about the procedures of the school’s investigation will help you avoid the financial and emotional burden of the process.

Gender discrimination and accusations of sexual Harassment

Title IX is the law that prohibits gender discrimination in public schools that receive federal funds. The law prohibits sexual harassment, as and gender-based exclusions from athletics facilities, programs and programs. You could be eligible for compensation from the institution where you attended in the event that you were discriminated against due to your gender.

While the laws of each school may differ, the fundamental rules will be the same. No matter the location of the school, Title IX complaints must be filed within 180-days of the incident leading to the alleged misconduct.

A Title IX investigation typically lasts about 60 days. It could take longer if more evidence is required from witnesses or complainants.

An attorney can help you prepare for an investigation and prepare your letter to the school. An attorney can also represent you during an interview as well as in the trial if required.

An attorney can help know the options available to you. This includes filing a complaint with OCR (Department of Education Office for Civil Rights) or seeking relief through the courts. They can assist you in gathering evidence and prepare you for trial.

New Title IX Regulations are in effect

Federal law requires that universities and colleges to have a system for reporting discrimination incidents. The school must investigate any student who is accused of sexual harassment or discrimination. The school must investigate the complaint promptly. If the investigation fails, the student is able to make a Title IX suit against the university to claim compensation for any monetary or emotional damage.

Affirmative Consent Policies

Universities and colleges across the nation have adopted affirmative consent policies that require consent to engage in sexual activities. These policies have created new challenges for student-defendants. A Title IX investigation may ask students to prove that they gave verbal consent to the sexual act that is in the investigation.