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From drastic climate changes to incomprehensible diseases, we really live in unprecedented times. The doom and darkness that the world is experiencing is only made worse by all the negativity that continues to haunt all areas of life. And with cyberbullying now at an all-time high, Jodiann Wright decided to fight this social tyranny early on with her new children’s book.

Don’t be a Bully tackles the problem in a school setting. “I love children and have always wanted to do something related to them. Reading to children is a great way to connect with them, stimulate their imaginations, and teach them life lessons, ”Wright told Living.

The overseas Jamaican knows firsthand what it is like to be bullied. “I was bullying as a child. I was bullied by both children and adults. ”She recalled being teased when she was young by older members of a performing arts group for being too” tough, “a blow to her character. That harsh comment stained a young and formidable Wright who had no choice but to shorten her stage dream, break it off, and move on. “Children out here are scared of going to school and even kill themselves because they are bullied every day. I want to put an end to this excruciatingly derisive practice, ”she added.

As a flight attendant, she has had a few encounters with unruly passengers and unfortunately knows a thing or two about cyberbullying. She believes that if a positive influence can be nurtured and conveyed from a formative stage with her book, maybe she can make the world a better place.

Although the book is short, it took her about three months to perfect. She went through a new publisher, Rated AG, and was thrilled with the results. She also met with Russian illustrator Katerina Votes, and after speaking a few times, she felt like the ideal fit. “We just connected,” she revealed.

The new children’s book author hopes that her book will shed some light on the subject of bullying and how young people are psychologically affected by this age-old bad habit. “I hope that children who read the book and adults alike will realize that it is not okay to bully, intimidate, curse, or judge one another for our differences. And above all, I want the book to show self-acceptance and encourage children to stand up for themselves. “

Don’t be a Bully is available on Amazon.

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