Wyze Robot Vacuum Review: Efficiency without expensive costs


“The Wyze Robot Vacuum offers efficient cleaning at an affordable price.”

  • Efficient cleaning

  • Smart mapping and navigation

  • Easy to set up and use

  • Can set up virtual walls

  • There is no intelligent integration of assistants

  • Often catches cables

Wyze is known for affordable products that meet the same quality standards as much more expensive options. The company’s security cameras compete against bigger names without breaking the bank, and the new Wyze Robot Vacuum is no exception. The Wyze Robot Vacuum may not have as many features as the iRobot Roomba i3 +, but it does offer efficient cleaning at an affordable price.

The Wyze Robot Vacuum is just the latest in a number of new additions to the robot vacuum market. The space has become increasingly competitive, especially in the lower section. Companies like iRobot and Roborock dominate the high-end market, but the mid and budget markets are flooded with third party companies and cheaper options from big companies. Even so, Wyze has a reputation for quality at a low price, and that reputation (combined with the functionality of this vacuum) sets it apart in a sea of ​​different vacuum cleaners.

Set up

For just $ 250, it packs a lot of features into the box. It comes with two spare brushes, the charging stand, an instruction manual and a quick start guide. Setup is just as easy. Just plug in the charging stand and leave at least 1.5 feet on either side of the vacuum and at least 4.5 feet in front of it. There is also a brush cleaner and small knife in the top cover of the vacuum cleaner itself that is used to cut the string around the main brush.

It needs to be charged for about two hours before running. Once it is fully charged, download the app and follow the on-screen instructions. From this point on, it should take less than five minutes for the vacuum to operate. The included quick start guide describes these steps in an incredibly easy to understand way. Once it is set up, you can start cleaning your floor.

A good choice for a first robotic vacuum

The Wyze Robot Vacuum is a bit barebones in terms of features, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The Wyze robot vacuum cleaner is straightforward and simple to operate, making it an excellent choice for the first robot vacuum cleaner.

There are three separate cleaning modes, which are defined by the suction level: Quiet, Standard and Strong. Calm is self-explanatory; It’s quieter than any other mode, but it also has the lowest suction power. This mode is ideal for hardwood or linoleum surfaces, but doesn’t work as well on carpets. Standard is louder than Quiet mode but has more suction power, while Strong is the loudest of the three. Strong is also the most efficient and results in the deepest and most thorough cleaning of all modes. It took longer than the other modes, but the difference was visible – the carpet looked and felt cleaner.

Few robotic vacuums at this price point have lidar capabilities.

Cleaning is only done via the app. You can schedule them to be cleaned up automatically or instruct them to start a run manually. Voice control is not yet available for the Wyze Robot Vacuum. Alexa compatibility is expected to be available in the first half of 2021, however, along with other features like spot cleaning.

There are some drawbacks, however. While the vacuum did a great job of the actual cleaning, it picked up and carried cables that were inferior to any other vacuum I’ve ever worked with. This is not an isolated problem, but the Wyze Robot Vacuum captured everything it encountered. I had to stop it and salvage four different cables – three power cables and one ethernet cable – before it ended a run. It also ran into the leg of the couch and got stuck due to interference with the lidar signal, the laser signal used to map the area.

Smart navigation and mapping

The Wyze Robot Vacuum navigates through a room using lidar technology and creates an intelligent map in the process. You can view this map on your phone to know exactly where the vacuum is at any given moment. You can also use it to create virtual walls or divide the map into different zones. This is important as few robotic vacuums offer lidar at this price.

At the bottom right of the card there is a small icon in the form of a box. If you tap on it, you can edit the map. You can create a virtual wall to close off certain areas. For example, if you want the Wyze Robot Vacuum to clean your bedroom but not the attached bathroom, create a virtual wall on the bathroom door. You can also divide the map into different rooms, even within the same room. An example of this would be a large living room that is divided into a den and a dining area. You can turn the den into one room, the dining area into a second.

Once the rooms are divided up, you can tap on any of them to tell the Wyze to only clean that particular room. If there are multiple rooms on the card, you can choose as many as you want to clean at once. If you don’t select a room and just tap Clean, the entire room will be vacuumed.

A notable feature of the Wyze is the accuracy of its navigation. If it is picked up and moved, it learns its new location and its repositioning within the smart map in just a few seconds. It also stops just before most obstacles. During a test run, the vacuum was once applied directly to the side wall of a PC that was on the floor. The vacuum stopped within an eighth of an inch of the disk, turned, and continued on its way. It used its lidar reading instead of the shock sensor, although it does use the shock sensors when navigating along walls. It can also vacuum close to the edge of a staircase without falling over. Sensors at the bottom of the vacuum guarantee that it does not move over the edge.

Use and accessory tracking

In addition to the settings, the settings menu of the Wyze Robot Vacuum offers a wealth of valuable information. In this menu you can set up specific cleaning schedules, change the suction power and turn notifications on and off. You can also access clean records to measure when the last run was, how long it took, and how much space was covered. The map editor can also be accessed from this menu.

The standout option, however, is the Accessories menu. This lists the main brush, edge brush, and HEPA filter, and the time remaining for each of these parts before they need to be replaced. If you replace it, you can update the time by tapping the accessory and selecting “I replaced it”. You also have the option to purchase another part. The main brush is designed for 300 operating hours, the edge brush for 200 operating hours and the HEPA filter for 150 operating hours.

In addition to the basic Wyze Robot Vacuum settings, you can set up rules that allow interaction with other Wyze devices, shortcuts that perform actions on the home screen, and schedules that set controls at certain times of the day.

Our opinion

Wyze Robot VacuumWyze / Youtube

The Wyze Robot Vacuum is by no means a bad investment. While it lacks some of the bells and whistles other robotic vacuums have, it does a good job of cleaning a room, provided you have the right vacuum level selected – a few runs over carpet in quiet mode left dirt on the floor. The mapping and navigation is on par with much more expensive models, however, and once more features are added that allow it to interact with intelligent assistants and perform spot cleaning, it will be quite a competitor.

Is there a better alternative?

At $ 250, there are few robotic vacuums that can match. If you put in just $ 50 more you could get one iRobot Roomba e5, a robotic vacuum cleaner that is great for picking up pet hair and has all of the advanced features of iRobot.

In the premium range, the iRobot Roomba s9 Plus offers enormous cleaning functionality and a range of functions that you will not find anywhere else. That comes with a premium price of around $ 1,100, of course. There’s no doubt that iRobot is the king of the hill, but you don’t have to sell an arm or leg to pick up a robotic vacuum that does excellent cleaning.

If even $ 250 is too much, there are budget options like the Eufy Robovac 11S, which costs $ 30 less at $ 220. It lacks the efficiency of better vacuums, but it will clean your floor so you don’t have to.

How long it will take?

The Wyze Robot Vacuum is designed for a long service life and depends solely on the estimated service life of the accessories. However, the vacuum can operate anywhere from 32 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit (although lower or higher temperatures in a house create a number of other problems). With proper care and maintenance, the Wyze Robot Vacuum will last for years to come. There is a one year limited warranty that protects it from defects.

Should I buy it?

Short answer: yes, if you are looking for a budget friendly robotic vacuum cleaner. At this price, few robot vacuums have lidar functions, and although the Wyze Robot Vacuum does not yet offer voice control or spot cleaning, these functions are in preparation. It cleans your floor quickly and efficiently and will only get better over time.

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